Association de Protection des Consommateurs de la Région Orientale (APCRO)

Consumer Association of the Oriental Region (Morocco)

The association was created in 2001.

Its main activities are: 

  • information
  • advice
  • education of young consumers


Animation of regional and national radio programs
Publication of articles in local and national newspapers, namely in the page Eco-conso placed at its disposal for free by the national confederation of consumers' associations, chaired by APCRO
Participation in various programs of the Radio and Moroccan television (RTM and 2 M)
Animation of the weekly radio program „Consumer Space" on the waves of the radio of Oujda which is a production and presentation of the association


Particular effort was made for the education of young consumers through training workshops accomplished in primary and secondary schools as part of a partnership with the Ministry of Education
Furthermore, all kinds of conferences were organized on the following topics

  • Food intoxication
  • Danger of intermediary antennae of the mobile telephony
    Proximity actions were led in favour of illiterate populations considered by the association as "consumers without voice". The actions were on the following topics:
  • Rules of hygiene
  • Conservation of food
  • Food additives
  • Labelling
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Energy use
  • Clothing from across the world
  • Making consumer choices
  • Product packaging
  • Purchasing decisions
  • Signature of contracts and conventions

Advice and mediation

Realization of some training workshop for women being members of the centres of national aid in the countryside as well as in cities.
Assistance of APCRO to consumers in treatment of various disputes was offered in an informal way.
In June 2007, the association created the first "Consumer Centre" in Morocco and since its creation in Oujda, this centre has:

  • Worked out 430 information sheets and advice sheets
  • Worked out directories of addresses of institutions, organizations and persons having a direct or indirect relationship with consumers as far as their protection is concerned
  • Amicably settled disputes which had arisen between consumers and various contractors of services or purveyors of products



Association de Protection des Consommateurs de la Région Orientale
President: Mohammed Benkaddour
Place de la Douane 16
Oujda 60000