A good occasion - Your contribution to a reduction of food waste

The Region of Piedmont and the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta have decided by common accord to realize a project entitled “Una buona occasione – A good occasion (your contribution to a reduction of food waste).”

The objective is to reduce food waste during the distribution and consumption phases, thus favouring on the one hand, their disposal, by means of special offers of excess products and on the other hand by making consumers change their behaviour in order to avoid throwing away food: they thus reduce wastage (which is even more inacceptable these days), but increase their advantage.

In this respect, special attention is given to the rejection of products that are about to expire, trying to correct this kind of fairly common behaviour of consumers to privilege those products with a later expiration date and thus favouring accumulation of unsold products.

The aim is to increase consumer confidence in the full reliability of food products during their entire eatable lifetime and convince them even by means of economical advantage to buy products close to expiration date.

The project foresees a phase of statistical investigation of the precise profile of consumer expenditure patterns and of the consumption of food products from laboratory analyses of a series of products during their entire period of marketability, over sensitising consumers by distributing information materials in combination with promotion campaigns and finally a conference to illustrate the results and the state of the fight against food waste.

Creation of a digital ecosystem comprising a website and constant presence on major social media sites able to become a landmark for all stakeholders are at the heart of the project.

This way, they want to consolidate a forum of ideas and best practices on the issue of the fight against food waste und at the same time, they want to improve visibility to institutions, associations and companies wanting to take an active role in this initiative.

Main partners of the project are the Università degli Studi at Turin, Slow Food, The Museo A come Ambiente of Turin, CinemAmbiente, Last Minute Market of Bologna, the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale of Piedmont, Liguria and Val d’Aosta, the main consumer associations of Piedmont and the Valle d’Aosta and the most important supermarket chains. The city of Turin also cooperates in the project through an exchange of good practices.

The project started in the month of April with statistical investigation and will culminate in an information and promotion campaign during the first months of 2014.

More information under : www.unabuonaoccasione.it