Consumerinformation Upper Austria

The Consumerinformation Upper Austria provides information and advice to all consumers in Upper Austria, intervention on behalf of consumers at companies in individual cases and representation of the collective interests of consumers.

Advice by phone

from Monday to Thursday from 8.00 to 12.00 and 13.00 to 16.00 and on Friday from 8.00 to 12.00. Consumers can also put their questions by e-mail ( We deal with about 120.000 complaints a year.


There is a comprehensive information supply on our homepage ( to help consumers in purchase decisions, for instance concerning complex market conditions.
On the Internet, the consumer finds calculators concerning costs of current accounts, interest rates of loans an savings, energy costs, second-hand car prices, insurance-tariffs or mobile tariffs. There is also information regarding most frequently asked questions concerning consumer law, banking , insurance or package travelling.

To protect consumers from health hazards or misleading advertisement we carry out comparative tests of goods and services.


We represent members of the Chamber of Labour of Upper Austria in arbitration procedures concerning patient rights, banking disputes and specific energy questions and in exemplary cases in court. So we endeavour to strengthen the position of the consumer under civil law and improve consumers' access to the law.

Finding unfair contract terms we stop that being used in future.
Influencing public authorities, organisations and businesses to ensure that regulations provide better protection for consumers and getting goods and services made more consumerfriendly.

The Consumerinformation Upper Austria is a part of the Chamber of Labour of Upper Austria and cofinanced by the Local Government. Our Service to consumers is therefore free of charge.

The Chamber of Labour is a self-governing public organisation with mandatory membership of the workers, based on statute and located in each of the nine Austrian federal states.

The Chamber of Labour represents the interest of the workers and the consumers and offers a broad range of services (employment law, social security, tax law and consumer protection).