Association for Consumers Defense in Moravia and Silesia (CZ)


The Association for Consume Defense in Moravia and Silesia (SOS MaS) focuses on the defence of consumer rights by all possible means. The SOS MaS provides general information about consumer complaints, warranty periods, deadlines for consumer complaints and conditions to fulfill the right to cancel the purchase agreement. The information is provided on-line on the website, via email or the advice phone line as well as by personal consultancy in several advice offices in the Czech Republic.

The aim of the SOS MaS is to educate, inform on consumers rights and to provide activities leading to the defence of consumer rights and to the protection of the weaker part in the relationship consumer – business subject.

The main mission of the SOS MaS´ advice offices is to promote legal education and the support of aggrieved citizens, in particular in situations, when consulting legal advisers or attorneys, especially considering the purchase price of goods and the amount of the fee for the legal service, would not be efficient (senior or disabled citizens, families with small children, students and underprivileged groups are the most common cases).


SOS MaS organizes consumer meetings and lectures, clients can also make use of informative and consultancy leaflets and brochures at their disposal and free of charge in the advice offices. The print material, leaflets and brochures include information on different legal and topical issues.

The SOS MaS is a non profit organization. The general consultancy is provided free of charge. The costs of the SOS MaS are covered by grants and donations. The main donor is the Ministry of Trade and Business of the Czech Republic. The donation of the ministry covers only 70% of the costs. The rest will be covered by other resourses. Principles and aims of our organization do not allow to receive donations or gifts from business companies or entrepreneurs.

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