Kontsumobide - Basque Institute of Consumption

Kontsumobide - Basque Institute of Consumption is an autonomous entity, a member of the Basque Government's Health Department. It was created by the Law 9/2007 at 29 June although it began activity at 1 September 2011, after approval of Decree 159/2001, dated 12 July, which regulates its structure and organisation

The Kontsumobide´s I Strategic Plan for the 2014-2018 period, includes the Entity's Mission: “To protect consumers and users in Euskadi .” Kontsumobide-Basque Institute of Consumption aspires to be a point-of-reference in the field of consumption as well as wishes to be perceived as a useful and necessary resource To this end, Kontsumobide will have a team of professionals committed to the Project, and will have a network of strategic alliances.

Kontsumobide mainly acts in four areas

  1. Information and Sensitization. Through the web (www.kontsumobide.eus), blog (kontsumobide.blog.euskadi.net), social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and care by phone, so by preparation of surveys, studies and periodicals publications. Also through communication campaigns and other means.

  2. Training: through 3 free programs

  • Training for primary schools and secondary education (students, parents and teachers)

  • Training for senior centers

  • Continuous training in consumer affairs in the 3 training centers Kontsumobide

Also, continuous training and retraining professionals in consumption are made.

  1. Intervention resolution of consumer disputes through mediation and arbitration in respect of claims filed in the offices of attention to the public

  2. Inspection and Control Market by organizing and carrying out inspection campaigns, and the management and monitoring of security alerts Product.

In each one of the Historic Territories of the Autonomous Basque Community (Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa), Kontsumobide has Territorial Services. In turn, there are 3 consumption training centres, one in each one of the capitals of the Historic Territories: Bilbao, San Sebastian and Vitoria.

Lastly, the following Kontsumobide member entities complete the organisation: The Board of Consumption Arbitration of Euskadi and the Consulting Consumption Commission of Euskadi.

Kontsumobide completes a network of consumer organizations in Euskadi financially support the functioning and activity of the 36 municipal offices for information to consumers People (OMICs) and the three consumer organizations of the Basque Country (EKA, EKE and UCE ) through individual cooperation agreements

More information: www.kontsumobide.eus