The consumption of the 21st century. Buying and selling through the Internet

Dear Sir or Madam,

The Catalan Consumer Agency (ACC) organises the Conference The consumption of the 21st century. Buying and selling through the Internet, in Barcelona (AXA Auditorium-L’Illa-Diagonal) on 19 November 2009.

Consumers’ behaviour has changed during the last years and one of the reasons is the decisive consolidation of the electronic commerce as a products and services sales channel. The results of recent surveys carried out in Catalonia are quite significant: 28.6% of Catalans buy commonly through the Internet.

Likewise, the number of Catalan SMEs that sell their products via the Internet has grown by 64% in respect of the previous year.

The ACC, being aware of this reality and sensitive to consumers’ and enterprises’ demands, organises a conference on electronic commerce and information society with the aim of informing, analysing and discussing the current situation and tendencies of the electronic commerce and the use of the Net.

This session is addressed, among others, to enterprises and professionals, consumer protection administrations and associations.

I would be pleased to count on your attendance at the Conference, of which you will find enclosed a preliminary programme and the registration form. To confirm your attendance to the Conference, please send the registration form by fax to +34 935 516 517 or by e-mail to

Should you wish to receive further information, please contact Ms Leonor Bueno at +34 935 516 536.