Tuscany Region: One-line Mediation

The project called “Concilia on-line”, developed by the Chamber of Commerce of Florence tries to resolve disputes between consumers and firms.

The particularity of the system is: it is an electronic data transmission service.

In the centre of Concilia on-line lies the mediation. It is an alternative instrument of ordinary justice, which can significantly reduce the recourse to the courts. It is not a judicial procedure, but a good way to reach an agreement which is mutually satisfactory: the parties themselves establish the contents of the mediation minutes, which has the nature of contract.

The mediator is an independent and impartial figure, expert in specific subjects, who helps the parties to communicate and to bring their true interests to the fore and to reach an agreement, without imposing any decision. The mediator is selected in the list of mediators held by the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, following competence, skill, independence standards.

Concilia on-line completes this already important extra-judicial instrument for the settlement of disputes: it allows the user to establish a contact to the service straight from home, on holiday or abroad, just connecting Internet.

The attempt of mediation takes place in a reserved area on the website of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, where only the parties, the mediator and the persons responsible for the service are admitted to, saving the privacy of the people involved.

Every phase of the proceeding takes place on-line: from the request to the final agreement. It is possible to set up a dialogue between the parties with the help of the mediator, within a chat room, in which each claim will be described and valued, so trying to find a satisfying solution for both parties.

Concilia on-line advantages

  • The procedure is simple, rapid, inexpensive and informal.
  • Mediation procedures are completed within a maximum deadline of 60 days upon presentation of the application.
  • The final agreement is the result of the goodwill of both parties.
  • Information and data relating to the attempt of mediation are confidential.

For more information: www.conciliaonline.net