Catalan Agency for Consumer Affairs

The Agència Catalana del Consum, ACC (Catalan Agency of Consumer Affairs), public organism belonging to the autonomous government of Catalonia, fulfils the main objective of assuring people's rights, as consumers of goods and products and users of services and assumes all the competences in this field.

The Agència Catalana del Consum works:

  • To assure citizens' rights as consumers.
  • To solve conflicts arising in the matter of consumption.
  • To inform, guide and advise.
  • To promote responsible consumption.
  • To supervise and improve the functioning of the product and service market.

The ACC performs the following functions:

  • information, training and education;
  • promotion of mediation and arbitration;
  • inspection and sanction procedure;
  • institutional relations and citizens' direct participation, represented by consumer and user associations and economic and social agents.