NEPIM - Network for the promotion of sustainable consumption in European regions

NEPIM wants to participate and to contribute to EU decisional processes in the field of consumer rights: this is one of the main aims of NEPIM. Some of the main objectives of the new Network include the following:

Promote critical and responsible consumption in Europe

(conserve the environment by better use of available resources, reduce harmful emissions, produce less refuse and respect the social rights of workers)

Put consumers in a position to make sustainable and conscious choices

(reduce energy consumption and the production of refuse, protect natural resources and encourage fair and socially responsible systems of production)

Defend the rights of consumers to choose goods and products of the internal market in a critical and autonomous manner

(e.g. commitment to inform consumers about their rights and to ease access to justice)

Promote forms of ecologically sustainable and ethically responsible production

NEPIM on the one side will act at political level as interlocutor with EU institutions to contribute to the development of EU consumer policy with a regional approach. On the other side the network intends to actively participate in European projects in order to develop best practices in the field of consumer protection throughout European regions.

NEPIM, constituted as an international non profit association based in Belgium, currently includes 13 members from different regions (regional/local authorities or regional/local consumer associations from 7 Member States). Almost all the members come from a former NEPIM project supported within Interreg 3C that contributed to create the core of the current partnership and to sign the NEPIM Charter of Consumers in Barcelona in 2007. After the successful outcome of the project, new members asked to become part of the NEPIM network. The new network is currently open to new partners active in the field of consumer policies willing to share the same objectives and principles.

The presidency of the new Nepim network will be hold in 2009 by the German speaking Community of Belgium and the vice-presidency by Tuscany Region.

What's about NEPIM?

The idea of NEPIM partnership originates in an awareness on the regional level and particulary among consumer organizations and regional authorities of the need to put together and exchange experiences and good practices by dividing ressources, human and/or fi nancial, economies of scale for common research, publications and information campaigns. The role of consumer organizations is emphasized and their active participation is crucial.

Network co-operation makes it possible for all members to exchange experiences and to take advantage from those of the others, to take up new topics, new trade practices, to gaher more resources and to create a competitive spirit to approach new areas, studies and surveys.

Sustainable development, energy, transport, trade, tourism, health and environment become major fevers of regional development thanks to well-informed consumer behaviour.