Tuscany Region

Tuscany Region has competence in fields of consumer education and information and has adopted a specific law about consumer protection since 1985 (regional law 2 may 1985 n.48, repealed by regional law 12 January 2000 n. 1 and regional law 20 February 2008, n. 9 now in force).

Tuscany Region promotes any form of association and aggregation among consumers and users and pursues the following objects, in accordance with national and european law:

-         protection and promotion of health;

-         protection and promotion of safety and quality safeguard of products and services, with specific attention to sustainable development;

-         protection of the economic and legal interests of consumers and users, developing a culture of equity in contractual relationships and promoting sites for alternative dispute resolution;

-         promotion of consumer education and information;

-         promotion of cooperation between consumers organizations and public administrations, established enterprises, including cooperatives and other actors, public and private, for the provision of public services in accordance with standards of quality and efficiency.

Tuscany Region pursues the objective of a correct information for consumers and users, seeking the cooperation of the press, the radio, the television and of the web. For the activity of education of consumers and users, the Region prepares programs of consumer education for teaching staff, for young people in scholar age and in the context of lifelong learning. Since 2004 we have a collaboration with RAI, with two broadcasts a week dedicated to consumer rights in the morning news. From spring 2013 is on line the website www.progettoinfoconsumo.it and over the years we have developed various editorial projects, including 3 versions of an “Agenda of the expenditure”. The latest editorial product is the “Agenda del condominio”. The agenda is divided into two parts: the first part is a guide to the reform of the condominium, in force since 18 June 2013 to more than 70 years after the last amendments (the old reform was for 1942): a handbook useful for residents and administrators which illustrates the new rights and duties introduced by the reform. To facilitate the consultation and the research we have used the format of the glossary. In the second part we give practical advice for a proper management of resources, through a virtual path between the various areas of our daily life, from the garden and the courtyard pool within the individual apartment.

Tuscany Region is a partner of the project Life+ “ECO Courts” (ECOlogical COurtyards United for Resources saving through smart Technologies and life Style) (www.life-ecocourts.it). The idea of the project ECO Courts is that the buildings are the ideal place to start initiatives for the sustainable management of resources, reducing energy consumption and costs for the benefit of the whole community. The buildings are a gathering place that can stimulate collective action, which can contribute to social and environmental well-being. The project aims to rationalize the consumption of water and energy and reduce the production of waste.