The Verbraucherzentrale Südtirol (VZS) is a non profit association acting in the province of Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy, independent from economic enterprises, with mainly public sourcing. By means of a convention the local government of South-Tyrol finances the yearly activity programme. Members are the 10 most important Consumer Associations of South-Tyrol and individual consumers.

Our aims

The Verbraucherzentrale Südtirol defends and enforces the citizen’s rights as consumers and users of goods and services.

We want to:

  • Achieve transparency in relation to production, characteristics and quality of goods and services
  • Establish equality of opportunities between consumers and suppliers and preserve consumer’s interests
  • Enhance sustainable consumption

Our tasks are:

  • The enhancement of consumer information, advice and education
  • Representation of consumer’s interests towards politics and economy
  • Coordination of lobbying for consumers carried out by the member associations

We address ourselves to:

Our services are available for all private consumers. Furthermore we aspire the cooperation with schools, educational institutions and multiplicators.

You can find us:

Main office:

39100 Bozen
Zwölfmalgreinerstrasse 2
Tel. 0471-975597
Fax 0471-979914

Opening hours:

Mon to Fri 9 - 12 Uhr and Mon to Thur 15 - 17

Advice service:
All-round legal advice (by phone or in person):
Mon to Fri 10 - 12 and Mon to Thur 15 - 17

Helpdesk insurance and precaution:
Mon to Fri 10 - and Mon to Thur 15 – 17
Hotline: 0471-329386

Helpdesk alimentation:
Mon and Wed 10-12

Helpdesk habitation and construction:
legal advice:

Mon and Wed 9-12.30
Hotline: 0471-303863
Technical advice:
Tue 9-12.30 and 14-16.30
Hotline 0471-301430

European Consumer Centre (ECC-Net)

for transnational consumer problems:
39100 Bozen
Brennerstr. 3
Tel.: 0471 98 09 39
Fax: 0471 98 02 39

Opening hours:
Mon to Fri 8 – 16

You can find a list of our outposts here.

The following associations are members of the VZS:

  • Adiconsum (SGB-CISL) (consumer protection office of trade union)
  • Arbeiter-, Freizeit- und Bildungsverein (workers’ association)
  • ASGB-Konsumentenschutz (consumer protection office of trade union)
  • Asterisco/Asterisk (SGK-UIL) (consumer protection office of trade union)
  • Berufsgemeinschaft der Hausfrauen (housewives’ association)
  • Ecokonsum (AGB-CGIL) (consumer protection office of trade union)
  • Katholischer Verband der Werktätigen (catholic workers’ association)
  • Ökoinstitut (Eco-Institute)
  • Grain (Rainbow) (educational association)
  • Südtiroler Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsförderung (SGGF) (South-Tyrolean association for the health-promotion)