Chambre de Consommation d'Alsace

The „Chambre de consommation d’Alsace“ is a regional federation created and administered by 20 consumer associations from the Alsace region. It is a technical tool for private persons, Alsatian consumer associations, collectivities and other economic and social actors.

Its aim is

  • to inform, defend and represent consumers
  • to support consumer associations
  • to anticipate and accompany new patterns of consumption

Since its creation in 1970, the CCA contributed its share in increasing the audience of the Alsatian consumer movement and did its utmost to develop education of consumers and their representatives.

To achieve these aims, the CCA has developed different sectors of activity: the legal sector (support consumers and associations in legal questions), food (food security, animal well-being, traceability...), documentation (consumer information library), environment (eco consumption, water, air, energy, waste...), the media, banking, commercial equipment, health, fair trade, cross-border purchases, the “handiconso” service (information and defence of disabled consumers...).

As actor of regional life, the activities of the “Chambre de consommation” are:

  • Consumer information: Through the magazine programme “Le Consommateur d’Alsace” (The Alsatian consumer), the consumer broadcasts “Flash conso”, broadcast every week on France 3 Alsace, the website, regular radio programmes, regular appearance in the regional press... but also through numerous external interventions (schools, exhibitions-forums, public debates, trade fairs, salons etc.).
  • Consumer education: In 1983, the Alsatian consumer movement participated in the creation of a licence (later of the master) in consumer adviser. In 1992, it created the cross-border agency “Euro-Info-Consommateurs” in partnership with the Verbraucherzentrale of Baden-Württemberg (Germany). With the introduction of the euro, the CCA organized many courses to facilitate and accompany this transition. In 2004-2006, within the framework of the European programme DOLCETA, it created an education module for European consumers on financial services.
  • Individual and collective defence of consumers, through personal advice on consumer questions, friendly resolution of disputes, collective actions etc.
  • Technical, logistic and legal support to consumer associations of the Alsace region thanks to education modules, provision of tools and of staff, assistance for the organization of events...
  • To promote the representation of consumers as well as the function of consumption and usage with the community and the economic and social actors through permanent education courses for volunteers at institutional and other representations, meetings and dialogue with the economic and social actors etc.
  • To anticipate and accompany the evolution of behaviour and consumption patterns, notably towards sustainable and civic consumption.
  • To promote the dialogue between consumer associations of the Alsace region and to implement the synergies necessary to achieve the statutory objectives thanks to committees and study groups, the “associative life”, the public designation of volunteers in institutional and other representations and thanks to the implementation of collective actions etc.